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The Clow Experience
"It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle."
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Welcome to Your Weekly Performance! 
Check back EVERY Tuesday as we keep you up to date on what it truly means to live "healthy".   
"This site is amazing. The blogs are clear, concise, and fun to read. I have been on this program for a few weeks. I have seen changes in my appearance and more importantly my perspective. Thanks Clow Experience, keep up the witty blogs."
- Sam, Canada

"So I used to weigh 160 pounds and now I went down to almost 108 pounds . . it's awesome! I feel secure about myself and I know HOW this happened.  Thank You!  Now I can even look in the mirror and think positive things about myself.  I needed help and advice on how to lose weight and I found a new me, here!"
-Stephanie, New York New York! 

"I lost 30 lbs! I was tired of doctors telling me that I was over weight but I'm a cheerleader I have strong legs but the rest needed some work.  Someone recomended me to this and now I'm healthier and smaller."
 - Holly, Missouri

"I was diagnosed with Diabetes type II a year ago at the age of 26. I was prescribed three pills a day even then my glucose levels were out of whack. I was hopeless to be honest. One headache is to take pills on a regular schedule and the other one is monetary factor. I knew I had to change so I found this website and have controled my eating habits and started the routines. I have lost 16 kg in 4 months. Then, I had checked my glucose levels again. They were falling within range for a normal non-diabetic person and I was no longer need pills. Now I keep an eye on my eating habits and excercise regiments. As you have said, "it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change". I always go through to this quote mentally so that my will power will stay stronger. Keep writing these positives posts. They are a great source of inspiration."
 - Asad Khan, Pakistan